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Time-tracking software

The goal of this project was to create a time-tracking software where users can login to their account and add new working hours and remove the hours they have previously added. This software was made for ourselves as a team so that we can keep track of our working hours in school or any future projects. The software was done using Spring MVC Framework and Bootstrap was used on the front-end, so it is perfectly usable on mobile devices as well. I was the Scrum Master of our team, I created and maintained the database structure of our project and I worked on both front- and back-end development.

Github repository

Try the demo!

This software uses Spring security to authenticate the users credentials

When you log in, you can add the date, the hours of your working day with Bootstrap’s Date- and Timepicker and a description of the work you did in the database. Under that, the software prints the users and their daily hours with descriptions under a table that you can collapse.



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