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Vehicle Maintenance Software

I created my first Hybrid Mobile Application with Phonegap

The goal of this project was to create a Vehicle Maintenance software where I could add new Vehicles, insert some information (brand, model, etc) and delete them if necessary.
I also wanted to have a maintenance log for every single vehicle where I could insert new lines every time I did some maintenance for a said vehicle.

So for this to work, I first created a Spring-Boot software for backend, which uses JPA and Hibernate. Following the configuration I had set up, it creates the database automatically when deployed to the server.

Frontend was made using jQuery and jQuery Mobile and it uses Ajax for database manipulation.

Github repository for Backend
Github repository for Frontend

The landing page lists all the vehicles from the Database and every Vehicle is a button that leads to a new page listing all the other information of that Vehicle.



You can also add new Vehicles by entering correct information on the input fields. The last 3 fields uses jQuery Mobiles Dateboxes.


When you select a single Vehicle, it will lead to a new page listing all the other information you entered previously.


If you swipe left from the Details page, you will get to a new page that lists all the logs for that Vehicle. From here you also have the opportunity to add and remove logs.


Adding a new log is identical technically to adding a new Vehicle, just less input fields to fill.


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